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Index of Pre-Press Devices
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Prepress Equipment

Prepress Equipment in Our Collection

Process Cameras

Cameras which expose full-page size films for making print-related images.

Desktop Publishing

DTP systems, both hardware and software.

Monophoto System

The Monotype Corporation adapted its hot-metal typesetting system to make images directly to film.

Photo Typesetters

Photo Typsetting systems took over in bulk from hot-metal and our museum has them in bulk, large and small.

Platemaking Equipment

There are several ways to make a photo-litho plate, and our museum has several examples including arc, uv and electrostatic.

Processors for Film and Bromides

The output from a photosetter usually has to be passed through chemical baths to develop the image. The machinery to transport the film through one or more chemicals and squeeze it dry is a processsor.

Strike-On Typesetting

The A-M Varityper and the IBM Golf-Ball typewriter series made it possible for office staff to do their own typesetting, for use in the office small-offset or photocopier. Was it really typesetting?

Paste-Up Requisites

The various images and strips of typeset paper were usually pasted together prior to platemaking. Here we look at the light tables and other items used for pasting up.
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