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Index of `Other' Machines
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Other Machinery

Other Machines in Our Collection


Stitchers, Staplers

Folding Machines

Other Paper Devices

[Jogger, Round Cornerer, Drill, Perforator, Punch, Laminator]

Other bookbinding items can be found on our Bookbinder's Hand Tools page.

Typesetting-Related Devices

Composing Saw, Lead and Rule Cutter, Mitring Machine, Low Slug Cutter

Stereotyping Items

Stereotyping Press, Moulding Box, Backplaner, Router, Bowler
Stripcasting Machines

Stripcasting Machines in Our Collection

Including Technical Descriptions

These produce a range of extruded strips of typemetal for spacing and rules. (A rule is a strip of metal which is type-high and prints a straight line.)

Elrod Stripcaster

Nebiolo Stripcaster

Note that the Monotype Supercaster (under typecasters) is also adaptable to produce strip materials and particularly in later years was widely used as such.
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