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Australia's working and teaching museum of typography and printing located at Footscray, Victoria. Specialising in retention of traditional printing, both the equipment and the knowledge.

2012 Type Campers and their handiwork

This press is the larger cylinder press in the MMOP studio. It is classed as a "proofing press" because it is hand-fed and hand operated, except for the inking rollers, which are turned by motor when the press is idle. Its size allows up to A1 sheets, so quite large posters are possible. A slightly larger press is awaiting repairs.

Type Camps International (based in Canada) ran their first Australian Type Camp at MMOP in 2012. The teachers were all from overseas and the "campers" (no tents needed) were from Australia and NZ.

After a little practice with setting and justifying, each camper composed some lines of text and these were aggregated into a nice poster which was then printed by each participant.

Other groups have attended for a similar purpose including the entire Australian staff (Melbourne and Sydney) of a leading agency. The Sydney staff flew down and back just for the MMOP experience.

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